Infant CPR Classes

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Throughout the year, Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates offers Infant CPR classes taught Kathy Poole, LPN - American Red Cross Certified.

A minute ago, your baby stopped breathing.  Would you know what to do?  We will teach you what you need to know about lifesaving!  The purpose of this course is to help you recognize potential emergencies and make appropriate decisions for care. This course teaches skills that you need to know to give immediate care until advanced medical care arrives.

Topics covered:

  • Breathing emergencies
  • Conscious chocking
  • Rescue breathing
  • Unconscious choking
  • CPR

After course completion, you will know:

  • Signs that an infant might have difficulty breathing
  • Care for an infant who is conscious and choking
  • What to do if your infant has an obstructive airway
  • How to perform CPR


To Register for one of our classes, complete and submit the form below: (These Infant CPR classes are offered to patients of Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates only.)  The class cost is $25.00 per person.  Classes are held at the Winston-Salem location, 111 Hanestown Court, Suite 151.


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PLEASE NOTE: Classes are subject to change however advance notice will be given.
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