Obstetric Services

Advanced Care Team

At Lyndhurst, we are pleased to offer an Advanced Care Team of licensed nurses to support our patients. Melanie, Hannah, Lauri, Kathy, Rebecca, Addison, Leanna, Lindsay, Mel, Jamie, and Natalie provide valuable phone support for your questions during clinic hours and also during evening hours when the office is closed. Not only are these nurses experienced in obstetrics and gynecology, but they are Lyndhurst nurses who have ready access to your medical information to better help you.

During pregnancy, our Advanced Care Team of obstetric coordinators meet with you even before your first physician visit to review your medical and obstetric history and to answer common questions which arise in early pregnancy. After delivery, the advanced care team will also visit in the hospital, answering common postpartum questions and providing information about what to expect in the weeks after delivery.

We are confident that you will find our Advanced Care Team helpful in answering your questions about pregnancy and a valuable addition to your care at Lyndhurst.

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