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Six Lyndhurst Physicians Earn Designation, 7/30/2012

New COEMIG Designees
The AAGL and SRC would like to congratulate the next group of

hospitals and surgeons to earn the Center of Excellence in Minimally

Invasive Gynecology designation:

Forsyth Medical Center
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Lyndhurst Gynecologic Associates:

  • Bradley Jacobs, MD
  • Jacqueline Mims, MD
  • William Lindel, MD
  • Robert Parker, MD
  • Melvin Seid, MD
  • Stacee Sheets, MD

Other in Winston-Salem:

  • Lewis Lipscomb, MD
  • Pamela Oliver, MD

Nearly 350 providers in over 160 cities in 16 countries are now participating in the COEMIG program. The maps below indicate the current COEMIG activity in your region or state. The maps are updated monthly and available at

Legend: Registrants and Applicants, Provisional Participants, ? Designees

Participants Achieve Provisional Status Across US and in UAE
Provisional Status is the first major milestone that participants reach in the COEMIG designation process. Achieving Provisional Status focuses the minimally invasive gynecology team, providing actionable goals and helping guide resource decisions. Provisional participants often experience positive changes in clinical quality, team communication and care coordination as they work toward designation.

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